Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Suggest to invest in infrastructure and insurance sector in 2015

What do you think will go up from here? We have seen the banks, the autos, consumers, consumer discretionary stocks perform. The financials which are a core holding in global and local portfolios and FMCG has done okay. IT is not too bad. The ones which have really been under performers have been realty, energy and metals. 

For 2014 if one looks at the markets from the perspective of the last day, one finds that the key trigger which has taken birth, and could be a good promise for 2015, is the fall in the crude oil prices. The crude oil price is currently staying around $55 to a barrel and below. Even if it stabilises somewhere around $60 to $65 per barrel in an average year like 2015, the entire cost structure in the economy would start coming down. On one side the input cost which governs the commodity business .. 

It should in general benefit the entire economic environment as a whole. If one has to select the theme for 2015 for investment, one would remain comfortable with the kind of a infrastructure asset ownership business. 

I find that this is one area which could be created as a good theme for investment in 2015. I find that another theme in which insurance business, as and when it gets offloaded from the parent companies fold by the private insurance companies, could be a good opportunity for investors in 2015. 

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