Friday, 23 February 2018

UBS Principal Capital Asia buys 1.61 crore shares of Indiabulls Real Estate

Orient Global Cinnamon Capital sold 1,64,26,545 shares of Indiabulls Real Estate at Rs 211.01 on the BSE, on February 22. On the other hand, UBS Principal Capital Asia bought 1,61,85,106 shares at Rs 211. It was noted that the Indiabulls Real Estate ended at Rs 220.80, up Rs 4.60, or 2.13 percent on the BSE. Believing the analysts, you will find that the share touched its 52-week high at Rs 269.50 and 52-week low at Rs 76.20 on 07 August 2017 and 22 February 2017, respectively. At present, the stock is trading 18.07 percent below its 52-week high and 189.76 percent above its 52-week low.
To get the more technical information you can get in touch with the veteran analysts, who may help you in reading the charts and carrying out technical analysis carefully. In this post here are some of the best technical indicators that you must be aware of.
Relative Vigor index
Relative vigour index is implemented to measure the assurance of the current price action as well as the similar price actions, which will continue. In technical terms, relative vigour index is known as RVI.  Relative Vigor index also helps the traders and technical analysts in abstracting accurate price by comparing the position of the closing price of the stock to its price range. The result obtained by comparison is further smoothed by finding out the exponential moving average of the given values. The technical analysts use a formula to calculate RVI, which is shown below.
Absolute Breadth Index
One of the most commonly used technical indicator implemented by technical analysts to generate accurate intraday trading tips is Absolute Breadth Index. The Absolute Breadth Index is not a standard volatility measurement tool but still the technical analysts frequently implement this technical indicator. This indicator was invented by Norman G. Fosback, which is used to measure the volatility levels in the market. This is a momentum indicator and is calculated by subtracting the absolute values of declining issues from advancing issues.
You must also know that technical analysis of a stock is not that easy. It is not necessary that you have entire technical knowledge about the stock market or trading, so you must get in touch with the experienced technical analyst, who can guide you well. Money Classic Research is one of the best financial advisory firms with edge cutting technologies to nurture investors.

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