Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Summary On Types of Stock Trading

stock market

The share market or the stock market is the only possible authorized way that allows you to double your amount of money in a few days, or may be more than that. Traders or investors usually practice three different ways while trading stocks. All the investors, as well as traders, must educate themselves in trading three different ways so that they can make wise decisions on what to analyze and how to analyze. Different types of trading have a different time to be invested in it. Based on the duration of holding stocks, trading can be broadly classified into three categories.

(1)   Intraday Trading

(2)   Short Term Trading

(3)   Medium Trading

(4)   Long Term Trading

Intraday Trading: Day trading or Intraday trading can be explained as the buying and selling of the financial instruments on the very same day before the market close of that day. The traders those trades in Intraday trading are called day traders or active traders in technical terms. Nevertheless, it said that this type of trading might harm the beginners. It is not suggested for novice traders.

Short Term Trading:

The buying and selling of financial instruments in more than one day and up to few weeks are called short term trading. Some of the common examples of short term trading are short term trading. Traders are free to sell the stocks in more than one day.

Medium Term Trading:

The buying and selling of the financial instruments or holding period of the stocks from several weeks to months are called medium term trading. Example is Elliot trading

Long Term Trading:

The stocks are held from months to days is called the long term trading. The decision of investment is made on the basis of fundamental analysis.

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