Thursday, 29 October 2015

How Do I Know if I Should Buy, Sell or Hold?

How Do I Know if I Should Buy, Sell or Hold?
Every trader trading in the stock market knows that he should follow the strategy of buy low and sell high. That is the stocks or the entities should be bought at a low price and sold at a higher price. This concept can be approached in two ways, by first buying and then selling or by first selling and then buying. For the first case the trade will be profitable in the case of uptrend and in the second case the trade will be beneficial in the case of down trend. Thus the trader can be benefited in both the cases of market going up or market going down.

It would be great if one could know when the prices are going to be low and when they are going to be high. But it is impossible to have a prior knowledge of how the stocks prices will behave in the future. Thus the important decision of buy sell and hold will decide whether the trader will incur a profit, whether he will incur a loss and how much profit and loss will be incurred.

The validity of the decision of buy sell and hold depends on the market situations and the mentality of the investors. If the market is in uptrend the buy and hold is the valid decision for this case. For example the real estate has seen a regular appreciation over the years. Thus if the person makes an investment and wait for many years he will get very good return after many years. On the other hand for the investments types where a regular and consistent growth is not anticipated like that of physical gold in present situation a short term buying and selling will fetch more profits than the long term investments due to the price fluctuation of the entity. Similarly in good stocks which are included in the SENSEX group a long term investment can be sought out. On the other hand mid cap and small cap stocks can be traded for short term gains.

Thus the best decisions of buy and sell can be attained by in-depth research of various investments modes. One can contact and take the services of some financial adviser for the same. Money Classic Research is one such Financial Advisory Firm which provides accurate advice on the stock market in the form of stock market tips. They also provide adequate advice on commodity and forex markets. They have developed a brand image as a reliable financial adviser over the years.

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