Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Worst Things You Could Do Now in Stock Market

The Worst Things You Could Do Now in Stock Market- Money Classic Blog
Trading in the stock market should always be done with caution. There are things which the trader should not commit in the stock market of today’s scenario. Some of the worst things that the traders can do in the stock markets are:

1) Selling the stocks in the panic.
2) Holding the stocks which are not performing well.
3) Following the broker blindly.
4) Trading with penny stocks.
5) Trading too much or over trading.
6) Trading  without stop loss.

There are many ways to trade in the commodity or stock markets. The trader can trade in NSE, or he can trade in BSE if required. Also the trader can trade in cash, futures and options. In cash markets the trader has to pay for the current prices of the commodities. In case of futures, the future contract is signed. That is the trader pays for a future price of the commodity. In case of options, the call and put trades are invoked. The trader if not confident and does not have sufficient knowledge to trade can take the help of advisory firms. These advisory firms have expert technical analysts who can guide a novice person on how to trade. These advisory firms charge an annual subscription for their services. In order to have trust the traders can opt for a SEBI registered advisory firm.

The traders can take the advice of the advisory firms who provide accurate stock market tips. These tips are in the form of buy and sell signals with proper stop loss. These buy and sell calls are generated after a lot of technical analysis and fundamental analysis. The advisory firms have various analysts who on the basis of their in-depth technical analysis provide accurate calls. Also they provide proper stop loss levels so that the trader is prevented from incurring heavy loss.

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