Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Different Categories of Stocks in Stock Market (Small, Mid and Large Cap)-Money Classic Research

It is advised to new traders that they should take sufficient knowledge about the Stock Market and once they are confident, only then should start trading with real investments. The investor or trader should understand about the basic categories the stocks are divided into. Also the traders should understand about the major indices available and their significance.
The Indian market is traded on various exchanges and the major are BSE and NSE. BSE stands for Bombay Stock Exchange and NSE stands for NationalStock Exchange. The stocks of major and reputed companies are listed on the Stock Exchange. The major index of BSE is SENSEX and that of NSE is Nifty. The indices mentioned above indicate the current level of Indian market and the levels of indices indicate whether market is trading in the Bullish sentiment or Bearish sentiment. When the pressure of buyers is more than the sellers the market is considered bullish and when the sellers are more than buyers the market is in bearish sentiment.
The Stocks in the stock market are classified in the broad category of large Cap Shares, Mid Cap Shares and Small Cap Shares. The classification is based on market capitalization and the value of the company. The large cap stocks are companies with high market capitalization or high value. The mid cap stocks have medium values and the small cap shares have small value. There are separate indices also available for these different categories of Stocks.

For the trader who are new and are beginning their career in field of Stock Market, they should take the help of financial advisory firms for trading. The advisory firms which are reputed and are SEBI registered like Money Classic Research can be consulted for Stock market tips and other equity tips as well as intraday trading tips. The traders are advised to trade with strict stop loss.   

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