Monday, 11 January 2016

Trading Strategies based on Probabilistic Distribution-Money Classic Research

The stock market is always accompanied with Risks. The risks are more as the market can be in different phases at different times. At times the market is trending and at other times the market is sideways. In trending market also the market can be bullish or bearish. Thus the strategy should be able to deal with all market conditions. It is a known fact that most of the strategies are good for a particular market situation and do not provide that kind of returns in opposing market situations. Thus a strategy which is good for trending market may not be good for sideways market and vice versa.
The probability study is an important tool which can be used to predict the price movements and to devise a profitable strategy. The price movement can turn in any direction and there are equal probabilities of profit or loss in the trade. The probability of winning trades is more when some good strategy is followed. Also the probability of winning trades increases and decreases based on changing market situations. The probabilistic distribution is used to determine the profit which can be earned in particular market situation.
The probabilistic distribution can be used along with the risk management to end up in good profit by making a proper trading plan. The risk management can be employed by using proper Stop Loss. The stop loss can help in deciding a proper risk reward ratio and which will help to limit the total loss after the number of trades.

The above stated strategies are advanced strategies and are best employed using automated trading platform. The above strategy and many other strategies are followed by the reputed advisory firm like MoneyClassic Research and they provide accurate stock market tips. They provide accurate tips in form of equity tips or intraday trading tips.

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