Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Stock market Grid Trading Strategy
Different traders trade in different fashion to get the benefit out of the market movement. Some traders rely on technical analysis and other use the advice and support of some advisory firm. There are many other traders who employ the strategy based on risk management and wealth management to get benefit from the market.

The grid strategy is one of the strategies which can be used to get good profits from the market. In this strategy a grid of buy and sell signals is placed around the current market price. Thus above the current market price, the buy and sell signals are placed at regular intervals. Similarly below the current price level first the sell and buy levels are placed at regular intervals. Thus in this strategy, a grid is formed which is found beneficial in most of the cases.

The grid found in the grid strategy is a probabilistic grid which has a high chance of success. The grid is beneficial the most in case when the market is in strict uptrend and strict down trend. The grid gives the loss in case of strict range bound market. The grid strategy is a high probability strategy in which the chances of success are more than the failures. However, in the extreme situations, a big loss can be incurred which can neutralize all the profits made. Hence one must take the grid strategy with caution.

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