Wednesday, 3 February 2016

An Insight on Major Stock Exchanges of India- Money Classic Research

The Indian Stock Market operates through the major stock exchanges. Exchange or Market is place where stocks, shares and other long-term commitments or investment are bought and sold. Exchange is basically an electronic Platform wherein Buyer who are willing to buy and seller willing to sell are meeting each other in order to fulfill their respective demand, and earn Money. Indian Stock Exchange is being revolving in India since 1875 from Bombay, oldest in Asia. Counter Exchange is basically having a counter party as in for a Buyer counter party is seller and for seller the counter party is Buyer, thus both buyers and seller fulfilling their obligation. The Stock Exchanges are being administered by their governing boards and executive chiefs.
In Indian Stock Exchange the National StockExchange (NSE) is the leading stock exchange of India, located in Mumbai. The major players of this stock Exchange are Brokers, sub brokers, and most important trader. Brokers are the Authorized member of Exchange who charges brokerage from traders (BUYERS AND SELLERS) for providing them Facility to trade. Traders are the People who invest in market to earn profit.
The stocks of the major companies are listed on the exchange with their current market prices. The market prices of the stocks continuously fluctuate based on the principles of demand and supply. When the demand for the stocks of particular companies go up the price of the stocks also go up. Similarly when the demand of the stocks goes down the price of the stocks also goes down. The news also has a prominent effect on the prices of the Stocks.
The traders rely on different techniques to trade effectively in the Stock market. Some traders rely on the Technical analysis and others on news for gaining profits from the Stock market. There are group of traders who rely on the advice from the financial advisory firms to trade effectively in the Stock Market. These advisory firms provide adequate advice in the form of Stock market tips. Money Classic Research is one such advisory firm which is SEBI registered, ISO certified and has good reputation. They provide accurate equity tips and intraday trading tips with proper stop loss.

These advisory firms have expert technical analysts who on the basis of their in-depth research generate buy and sell signals. The traders can follow the principles of risk management and wealth management to gain overall profits from their trading plans.

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