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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

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Key Aspects of Futures Trading - Money Classic Research

One of the most frequently practiced ways of trading is stock future trading. This type of trading is based on future contracts. Future contracts are contractual agreement between the two parties. One of the parties is who sell the contract and the other who buy the contract. This contract to buy or sell the stock or commodity at a determined price for future is the future contract. This type of trading is called stock future trading. The person who trade or invest in the market by agreeing for these standardized contracts is called future traders.

 There are many technical analysts who get confused between future market and forward market. Theoretically, both the future market and the forward market are executed in the similar manner. Equally, the markets allow a trader or investor to buy or sell the stocks at a definite time at a specified price. However, the only difference between the two markets is that the future market is regulated by the Exchanges, which is standardized.  Whereas, the forward market is a private contract between the two parties and are not standardized. These types of contracts are flexible in terms of rules and regulations.

There are many indicators and oscillators used in stock future trading to gauge the market trend. Trading strategy is a fixed module of trading that is designed in way to achieve the maximum benefit out of stocks, whether you go for long or short term trading. Looking on various aspects and consequences of trading techniques experts have already decided and fixed several protocols in order to overcome the risk of loss and benefit maximum. Stock future trading strategy is a bit complex process that cannot be understood easily with the beginners.

Some of the commonly used trading strategies are Average True Range, Volume on the Ask, Volume on the Bid and Ask, Bollinger Band, Bar Value Area, Bid Volume, Band Width, Commodity Channel Index, Chande MomentumOscillator

Apart from these strategies there are many more strategies used by the technical analysts. Money Classic Research is a leading advisory firm which acts as knowledge hub for these strategies. 


  1. Bajaj Auto Q2 profit rises 7% to Rs 1122cr on other income boost

  2. The market ended at near 4-month low. The Sensex is down 96.94 points or 0.3 percent at 27430.28, and the Nifty down 29.05 points or 0.3 percent at 8484.95. About 1169 shares have advanced, 1785 shares declined, and 124 shares are unchanged

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  4. The Centre's has recommended tax rates of 6, 12, 18 and 26 percent in the four-tier structure. But pressure from the industry to keep a higher upper limit at 28 percent and removing the cess over 26 percent has led to the change.

  5. Effect of US presidential elections on Global and Indian Economy
    A week before the result of presidential elections in US, the global markets as well as the Indian market are showing much ups and downs, and this volatility is increasing more as we are getting closer to 8th of November, the result day of the elections. US economy plays a very important role and has a very major share in the global economy so the presidential elections at USA, will have a impact on global economies as well. BREXIT resulted into a 343 point reduction in the NIFTY Index so it becomes very important to get ready in advance for the US presidential Election’s results and its effects on global markets and economies.
    Democratic Candidate – Hillary Clinton (former US foreign affairs minister)
    Republican Candidate – Donald Trump (real estate businessman, net worth 3.7 billion dollars)
    Major Impacts:
    OIL Prices
    At the most basic level, Clinton-induced government would decrease oil production and it could push oil prices higher, whereas a Trump-led government will increase oil supply and it would likely to push oil prices down, though it’s worth noting that other geopolitical factors, including OPEC’s output, could overwhelm the impact of US politics.
    As for the short-term impact on the US Dollar, expectations of a more hawkish Fed chair under a President Trump could provide a near-term boost to the US dollar. In contrast, continued dovishness from the world’s most important central bank would likely serve as a headwind for the greenback under Hillary Clinton. In simple words, Trump’s govt. would result in increasing interest rate by Federal Reserve and if Clinton leads as US president than probably interest rates would not have a greater change, but if it changes, it may get lower.

    Stock Markets
    Clinton as US’s president will lead to a positive impact on stock markets. Clinton, former US foreign affairs minister, already has a good connection with majority of countries.
    Trump on the other side will act as a negative sign to the global stock market, if chosen as US’s president. Any positive news on Trump’s side has affected the stock markets in a negative way. The news about emails regarding country’s trade affairs by Hillary Clinton through her personal behalf instead on the behalf of the government was a positive thing for trump and it made global stock indexes to decline.
    If trump wins, then heavy buying in the world wide commodity market can also be presumed. Bearish markets will give lesser returns in stocks to investors. This will lead the investors to shift from stock market and will start investing in bullions .
    Another reason is shown in the picture below. Every democratic president has a greater positive impact over stock markets than a republican president.

  6. Average stock market gain since 1945-
    democratic party- 9.7%
    republican party- 6.7%

  7. Gold down in Asia after China industrial output, retail sales noted

  8. US Federal Reserve raised interest rates to 0.25%, the Indian economy & market will effected. For more info click here Monetary Solution


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  12. U.S. gold futures climbed 0.3 percent to $1,268.30 an ounce.capitalstars