Monday, 2 May 2016

Key Characteristics of Futures Trading - Money Classic Research

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    The futures option in Stock market trading is an option contract where the principal is a single futures contract. It is a uniformed contract which provides the delivery of a specific quantity of product at some time in the future at a predetermined price.  A trader of the future option contract has the choice to assume a particular future position at a strike price, anytime before the expiry of the option.

    Different from other kinds of investments, such as stocks and bonds, when the trader enters into the trade futures, he does not actually buy anything or own anything. He speculates on the future path of the price in the security he is trading. The phrase buys and sell merely indicate the direction he expects future prices will take.

    The futures option generally expires at the end of the month that proceeds the delivery month of the underlying futures contract. The strike price is the price at which the futures position is opened in the trading accounts for both the buyer and the seller if the futures option is triggered.

    The Futures contracts are traded in futures exchanges globally and it covers a variety of choice of commodities like as agriculture products, financial products, livestock, metals, energy, and such as market indices, interest rates, and currencies.

    An investor can trade in the futures market in different ways, but he must be convinced of the amount of risk that he is willing to take. As a futures trader, the trader should have a clear understanding as to how the market and contracts work. 

     A constant attention, research, and determination can be the deciding factors for a successful trader. It is advisable to consult with a good Advisory firm and ask questions before opening a futures account. Money Classic Research is a reputed advisory firm providing accurate equity tips and Intraday Trading Tips.

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