Tuesday, 18 July 2017

How Can You Implement Triangular Moving Average to Generate Accurate Tips

If you are the one, who has just started intraday trading or share market trading and looking forward to the understanding about some technical strategies then you have reached the right post of an internet. In this post, you will get to learn the implementation of Triangular Moving Average in order to generate accurate intraday tips or share market tips.

Triangular Moving Average is also known as TMA. A like other moving average technical indicator, this technical indicator also shows the average price over a certain number of data points. But, the triangular Moving Average differs slightly by other moving averages as it smoothes twice. This means that TMA is averaged twice. A triangular moving average can be estimated with the use of several input data, like a price of stocks, volume, or other technical indicators.

Generally, the triangular moving average is applied to the price of the stocks by technical analysts. The moving average places price bar on top of the chart. If the TMA is applied to the volume or any other indicator then they are placed on top.

Trangular Moving Average

Following formula represents how to calculate the Triangular Moving Average.

The triangular moving average is an average of an average, of the n number of prices, P
Initially, you need to calculate the simple moving average, SMA;
SMA = P1 + P2 + P3 + P4 + ... + Pn / n
Now calculate the average of all the Simple Moving Average in order to get the value of triangular moving average.
TMA = (SMA1 + SMA2 + SMA3 + SMA4 + ….. SMAn) / n
Ultimately, the triangular moving average can be demonstrated as following

TMA = SUM (SMA values) / n


Those of you, who are weak in mathematics, need not have to worry as trading software and charting packages calculate everything accurately for you. Also remember that not all chart platforms have a Triangular Moving Average indicator. Hence to see whether your chart has this indicator or not, you need to open chart and search for it. If you are not able to find Triangular moving averages then try to apply normal moving average. You can also change the settings by replacing normal to triangular moving average. There are several platforms that represent triangular moving average differently like “Moving Average Triangular” or “MovAvgTriangular”

Another simple way to get triangular moving average is by applying Simple moving average to your chart and then applying SMA for another time, using SMA as its input.

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