Thursday, 27 July 2017

Insight Of Three Main Technical Indicators

Have you ever asked yourself, why you need the help of technical indicators to generate accurate stocktrading tips or commodity tips. The reason is simply that without the use of technical indicators you cannot make right decision of buying and selling the stock to make a profit. The stock trading is a game of timing. If the stock is not drawn at the right time, then you may lose most of your money. Thus, technical indicator is the only option to get accurate share trading tips and make strict judgement.

In this post, you will get to learn about three technical indicators that are widely used by the technical analysts.

1.      Kairi Relative Index
One of the most important technical indicators that are used in the modern day is the Kairi Relative Index. This indicator was developed by an unknown Japanese researcher long back. The indicator is similar to that of Relative Strength Index. Both the traders as well as a technical analysts implement this oscillator. The deviation of the current price from its simple moving average is also calculated by this technical index.

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2.      Hindenburg Omen
Hindenburg Omen is a technical indicator that was named after a famous technical analyst, who developed many technical indicators. The technical indicator works on the basis of the number of stocks that form a new 52-week highs relative to the number of stocks, which form a new 52-week lows. In addition, the number of the stocks must be huge. This condition is said to occur, when both numbers are larger than 2.2 percent of the entire number of issues that are traded on the NYSE. With the help of this, technical indicator traders predict the potential for a financial market crash and generate accurate tips.

3.      Accumulative Swing Index
The Accumulative Swing Index is frequently used technical indicator that is used to determine long term trends in the stock market. The Accumulative Swing Index aids the technical analyst in comparing the bars that hold opening, closing, high and low prices of a stock over a certain span of time. In case, ASI is positive, then the long term trend will be higher and if ASI is negative, then the short term trend will be lower.

The largest number of the traders are guided to implement this technical indicator to obtain the trading tips. The technical analyst of Money Classic Research uses these three technical indicators to get the accurate share trading tips.

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