Monday, 30 October 2017

Gold prices might trade lower

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Many technical analysts expect that the gold prices will trade lower as a selection of a hawk as the next Fed chair has become more likely after the list came down to Powell and Taylor. This factor would boost DX further that will exert the pressure on the precious metal. The gold prices are expected to lower today on the MCX, international markets are trading 0.1 percent higher at $ 1271 per oz. Last week, spot and MCX gold prices are trading lower by around 1 percent as the dollar gained sharply after the ECB press conference.

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Government policies are also major factors influencing commodity prices. Typically, the commodity market is subject that is more at risk than the stock markets. Futures contracts, unlike stocks, have different expiry periods. Those who are participating in the commodities segment without entirely understanding the fundamentals of the deals will stand to lose their initial capital. Anyhow, if traders follow certain guidelines before investing, it can reduce the threat of losses and maximize profits.

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