Saturday, 28 October 2017

Recommendation to Buy Mahindra CIE Automotive at target of Rs 280

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The quarter 3 of the calendar year 2017 of Mahindra CIE had a consolidated revenue at Rs 1590 crore, which was up by 34% YoY. The Revenue from Indian operation grew by 64% YoY to Rs 682 crore mainly due to the integration of the Bill Forge business, higher steel price & higher production from its key customers. Revenue from European operation increased 16% YoY to Rs 915 crore mainly due to 1higher revenue from Metalcastello Europe’s forging business Consolidated EBITDA margin was at 13.2%. Consolidated PBT was at Rs 133 crore.

On a standalone basis, revenue was at Rs 484 crore. EBITDA margin was at 10% mainly on the lower employee, other expense. Reported PAT was Rs 20.4 crore. 18.8% of MCI’s total revenue is from crankshafts & engine gears, which are exposed towards the risk of an electric vehicle. Its cost-cutting exercises & operating leverage will drive its profitability, going forward. It is also looking for inorganic opportunity and is also working on new products/technology.

In Stock Trading, there are three types of trading methodology- intraday trading, short-term trading and long-term trading. Intraday trading is trading in which the stocks are bought and sold on the same day. Short-term trading is trading in which traders will hold a position for between 2 days and a week, and occasionally trades can last a few weeks or perhaps even months. In long-term trading, it is not necessary that the trader will be a static trader, who does not actively manage the position. A trader can dynamically manage a position by trading monthly or yearly according to his call.

A trader can specialize in short-term trading by watching the moving averages, understanding overall cycles or Pattern, getting a sense of market trends, controlling risk, technical analysis etc. Short-term trading uses many methods and tools to do successful trading. However, the trader must know how to apply the tools to achieve success using this type of strategy. If a trader can do this, they will be able to make money in both bull and bear markets while keeping their losses to a minimum and profits at a maximum.

This is the key to mastering short-term trading. One can also take help of experts and advisory firms if they are not confident and are a new learner of the stock market. Money Classic Research is a trustworthy advisory firm, serving their clients with accurate intraday trading tips.

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