Wednesday, 26 August 2015

7 Stock Market Tips You Can't Live Without
Trading in stock market or commodity market should always be done with some guidance. A beginner should not jump directly in to the stock market without doing proper homework. A trader who wants to acquire sufficient profits from the stock market should try to gain sufficient knowledge before start trading in the market. Also the trader is advised to paper trade before actually investing in to the share market. Below are certain 7 Stock Market Tips:

1) The trader should understand the markets first, the basics involved and tactics involved before start investing in to the stock market.

2) The trader should keep his emotions in control while trading. The trader should not take decisions in hurry and should act with patience.

3) The trader should not fear when the trade goes in opposite direction than expected. He should watch the market carefully and take proper decision calmly.

4) The trader should not trade too frequently and too much. He should keep the emotions and greed in control.

5) The trader should always trade by using stop loss to minimize the level of risks involved in the trading.

6) The trader should follow the principles of risk management before entering in to the trade and also follow principles of wealth management.

7) The trader should closely study the charts of the stocks he wants to trade in. He should have a close look at daily, weekly and monthly charts before start trading.

Besides the above Stock Market Tips it is always expected from a trader to trade with the help of some strategy. Also he should master the trading strategy and should paper trade first and once he is confident, then only start investing the real money. He can follow the intraday strategies like first hour strategy, Gap strategy or pair trading strategy but only after sufficient paper trading.

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