Friday, 14 August 2015

Trading in the stock market is an art

Trading in the stock market is an art. In order to gain profits and to be a winner, the key is to anticipate the price movements of the equity or the commodity. A trader who wants to trade in the stock market can use one of the available strategies or techniques for trading. The two broad ways of trading in the stock market  or the equity market are on the basis of technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

Technical Analysis: In technical analysis the technical or the graphs and movements of the equity or a commodity are analyzed. The graphs of various indicators like moving averages and weighted averages are plotted and different characteristics of the graphs are identified to have a buy or a sell signal. Thus by doing the technical analysis, based on the previous price movements we can anticipate or predict the future price movements. At Money Classic Research, we do in depth technical analysis to predict the price movements and give accurate calls. We provide accurate equity tips and mcx tips based on technical analysis done by our technical experts.

Fundamental Analysis: In fundamental analysis the fundamentals of the company are analyzed. The total value of the company, the profits earned by the company in the previous years and the recent quarters is analyzed. The stake holding of the company and various indicators based on the value of the shares is calculated. Based on the indicators calculated , it can be decided that whether a company is worth of investment. Thus by doing the fundamental analysis we can predict the future growth aspects of a company and how the company is going to perform in the next few years. Money Classic Research have experts doing accurate fundamental analysis. Based on this fundamental analysis we provide accurate equity tips which give information about the companies having good fundamentals and are a right choice for investment.

Thus by doing accurate technical analysis and fundamental analysis one can predict the price movements and a person can buy at a lower price and sell at a higher price to gain profits. Similarly a person can first sell at higher prices and then buy at lower prices to gain profit. At money classic research we provide accurate call of when to buy a particular equity or a commodity and when to sell it. We at Money Classic Research, provide accurate stock market tips including equity tips, mcx tips and forex tips.

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