Thursday, 13 August 2015

Depth Knowledge Of Stock Market

In order to trade in the equity or stock market one must have an in depth knowledge of Share or Stock Markets. The trading in the stock market is based on three broad methods:

1- Fundamental Analysis
2- Technical Analysis
3- Index Method

Fundamental Analysis: In fundamental analysis the suitability of a company for the investment is judged with the help of financial statements filed by the companies. The complete financial statements including the profits, Losses and the bonus issued by the companies to its stake holders is taken in consideration before deciding whether the company is worth for investment. The general economic trends are also looked upon while investing using the fundamental analysis. The sector of which the company is a part and the expected growth of the sector is also some times the deciding factor in choosing the appropriate company for the investment.  For companies having good fundamentals the investors usually invest for a long term. The good companies in the markets are expected to give more returns than the regular interest rates. We at Money Classic Research do the in depth Fundamental analysis of the companies and provide adequate advice to the clients in the form of equity tips. We also provide the stock tips with stop losses so that a client is protected from incurring a heavy loss.

Technical Analysis: In technical analysis the past price movements is made the basis of anticipating and forecasting the future price movements or trends. The common strategy followed in the technical analysis is following the trends. One must trade with the trend and not against the trend. Also in technical analysis various charts and indicators and their charts are plotted to determine the buy and sell signals and the price movements.  We at Money Classic Research have experienced technical analysts who give accurate calls or buy or sell signals with stop losses. Thus a trader can benefit from the equity tips provided by the Money Classic Research and can trade with maximum benefits and minimum risks.

Index Method: In this method the trader buys the shares of different sectors and follows the general trend   of the stock market. This strategy is based on the principle of diversification and the general mood of the stock market (Bullish or Bearish)

At Money Classic Research a detailed and in depth research is done on the current market trends using the above three methods and equity tips from which the client can get benefited are generated. Thus any trader who wants to trade in the equity market can take benefit from our services.

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