Tuesday, 22 August 2017

5 Key Tools For Nifty Futures Traders

Nifty Future Traders

It was the time when traders used to read the quotes to trade in the nifty futures, but now nifty futures traders get streaming quotes on the Smartphone. There are various advanced trading platforms available for the mobile phones which give company news and update via watch alerts. You can take advantage of trading technology to boost your returns and improve the efficiency of the trading. The five basic tools which can streamline your process are as follows-

Choose a strong trading platform- The first step is to choose a broker with a robust trading platform. It may be a tricky balance, however, brokers with advanced trading platforms charge higher trade commissions or require a minimum number of trades or minimum account balance to access the platform. There are various trading tools which charge half the commission. The advanced trading tools are well-regarded platform and low per-share commissions. Some advanced trading tools are top-tier research and reports, commission-free ETFs, comprehensive customer service and much more.

Mobile trading app- If you want to stay log in the market and want to build up the ability to take positions with the trend, which means choosing a broker with a strong mobile trading app. These apps have an ability to execute basic trades and view quotes to near mirror images of a web or desktop platform with the advanced capabilities like charting, complex options trades, and screeners. Money classic research is the best platform and worth looking for trading the market including nifty futures. It is completely free service on the mobile platforms.

Stock screeners- Stock screeners take much of the weight off the trader’s plate and allow traders to quickly search for a stock based on defined criteria like market capitalization, dividend yielding, industry or company’s share price. Online brokers offer most of the trading platforms including a screener for nifty futures also.

Charts- Charting is integral for any nifty futures trader who uses technical analysis, which involves evaluating past movements as a means to predict future performance. Charts assist in the analysis and show the performance of a security over time and allow traders to recognize patterns and look at various technical indicators. Idea-Generating tools- there are various ways to come up with trade ideas including subscription-based services. They offer indications after market analysis, following trends, analyzing fundamental and technical tools, observing scope of opportunities etc.

Money Classic Investment Advisers is one of the best subscription based service provider. We offer everything from market updates to market trends, fundamental analysis to technical analysis, growth opportunity and much more which helps traders to make a huge return from nifty futures. 

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