Thursday, 24 August 2017

Trading Segments To Trade In Nifty Futures

Nifty Futures
Nifty futures is the way where traders can trade in three different segments- short term trading segment or intra-day trading, long term trading segment for hedging portfolio and long term trading segment for a long term view. Nifty futures are leveraged instruments to trade in the stock market. The three types of segments are as follows-

Intra-day trading segment- Most of the traders want to make a quick profit and nifty futures intraday is the best segment for them to make a quick profit. As profit is high the risk is higher. Most of the traders, who trade nifty futures without making a strong strategy, surely lose money.

Long term trading with a short term view- this trading segment may be used for long term hedging of the portfolio or making some extra return on their stock holdings. The traders who want to some extra return mainly use nifty futures as short term trading not make great returns from short term trading. 

Long term trading with a long term view- big investors fell in this trading segment. This is the less risky segment among other nifty futures trading segments and traders time the market to grasp an appropriate opportunity.

Nifty futures are the highly volatile market and require lots of research and study to make a strong strategy for the effective trading.

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