Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Make Money In Nifty Futures Using Tunnel Trading

Nifty Future

As being one of the leading advisory firm Money classic investment advisors provides the profitable guidelines for  Nifty future trading using Tunnel trading, which is a simple and easy method for any trader. Here, in this traders don’t need to have a Trading software or need Technical Analysis knowledge to use this Tunnel Trading strategy. Tunnel trading is a universal trading technique which can be used in a Range bound or trending market. This is an easy strategy to make money from Nifty futures trading. Consistent profits can be made if you strictly follow the steps given below.

Can anyone predict future? NO.. Every trader knows that to win, you need to follow the trend. Always try simple methods, it makes your life easier and less complicated. Everyone likes to have very complex algorithms and install expensive Technical trading software with numerous indicators to make profits from trading. In Range-bound markets, there won’t be any strong moves in the Nifty futures, but this technique can also be used in range bound markets to make money in Nifty Futures. Even if there is a strong move, you can apply this same technique of Tunnel Trading.

How to trade Nifty Futures using Trading Tunnel? For example- Let us suppose that Nifty has moved from 7610 to 7620. Usually, normal trades will jump-in to catch the bus by placing their buy order in nifty future. Most of them will be able to catch it when it reaches 7630 or 7640, by then it may have started its downtrend which can end up booking losses. Tunnel trading will save you from these kinds of frequent losses.

Never catch a Running Train -My advice would be done not try to catch a running train, it can be dangerous or fatal. It is applicable to Trading also. Never try to catch a move which is already on the momentum. If you have missed the opportunity, leave it. Be happy that you did not make a loss by catching a fast-moving trend. Instead of catching that move wait for a reversal. In trading, most of the sudden moves end up with a reversal.

3 Successful Simple steps for Entry and Exit using Tunnel Trading

1. Enter only when a move starts after a consolidation
2. Strict small stoploss is required if you have made a wrong entry
3. Exit (book profits) when the prices not able to cross the previous high

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