Monday, 14 December 2015

Basic Trading Tactics for Traders

There are many indicators available to trade in the Stock market. Some traders use the News based trading as the way to trade. Others use the technical analysis and other strategies to trade. The News based trading is the way in which the latest news about the Stock Market is monitored. If positive news is obtained the stock or the commodity prices are expected to rise and if negative news is obtained the stock prices are expected to go down. The important part of the News based trading is that the buy and sell calls should be placed at an appropriate time. That is the news should reach the trader at an appropriate time. News which does not reach the trader at an appropriate time is of no use. Thus the trader should try to find the source of news which is latest as well as before time. 
Some of the important news includes the data or announcements related to world market. Also one should have an eye on the announcements made by the spokesperson of various companies. Also the profits and the loss incurred by various companies have strategic importance in deciding the price levels that the stocks can achieve and trade on the basis of that.
The technical analysis includes more than dozen of indicators. For example, the moving averages are among the simplest of the indicators. The moving average is of two types the simple moving average and the exponential moving averages. The exponential moving averages have a faster response than the simple moving average. 

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