Monday, 21 December 2015

Understanding the working of Stock Market

Stockmarket is a place where many people head to make good profits. The reason for so many people getting swayed towards the stock market is that it is very easy to make good money out of the stock market if there is a good strategy. There are equal probabilities that the trader will incur a profit or loss in the stock market. A good strategy helps the trader to make good profits in the Stock Market. It is a known fact that even the best strategies will not be 100 percent correct. There is no strategy without any loss at all. Some losses will always be associated with the strategy however accurate it may be.
The stock market is a place where multiple stocks are traded. A number of stocks with their current market prices are listed on the Stock Exchange. The stocks prices on these exchanges are fluctuating continuously. The principles of demand and supply determine the direction of the stock market. If the demand of a particular stock increases there is increase in the price of the Stock. Similarly if the demand of a particular stock decreases there is fall in the prices of the stock. Thus the prices of the stocks continuously fluctuate in the stock market. The traders can take the advantage of these continuous price fluctuations. The trader can buy the stock when the price goes down and can sell it when the price goes up. Thus the trader can incur the profits in the trades based on the difference in the buy price and difference in the sell price levels.

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