Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Some Common Tactics for Stock Market

Different traders approach the Stock Market with a view of making huge wealth from it. But this is a fact and from the experience of many that a majority of the traders end up in making loss in the Stock market. The primary reason for this is that the traders when approach the Stock Market don’t have good knowledge about the stock market. Thus the trader should first try to take sufficient knowledge about the stock market before start investing money in to it. Some of the common tactics that the trader should follow are as follows:
1)      The trader should first know and understand the Stock Market. The trader should try to learn the technical analysis first and then should try to devise his or her strategy over that. Technical analysis is the field in which the historic price movements are studied and the prediction for future price is done.
2)      The trader should always try to use Stop Loss in his trades. The Stop Loss prevents the trader from incurring heavy loss. The stop loss gets triggered when the market goes in the opposite direction as expected. The Stop Loss can be put with both the buy and the sell calls. The levels of Stop Loss should be proper to gain good profits from the trades and minimize the losses
3)      The trader should try to keep his emotions in control and should not be greedy while trading. The trader should trade strictly based on the strategy rule without the involvement of the emotions.

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