Wednesday, 30 December 2015

How to devise a proper Strategy based on Risk and Wealth management-Money Classic Research

Risk management and Wealth management are very important part in devising a proper strategy and proper trading plan. The Stock market is always accompanied with certain level of risks. There are ways to minimize the risks but to have zero risk and zero loss is impossible. It is an experience of all that no strategy is 100 percent correct. There are loop holes in every trading system.
The principles of Risk management and wealth management can be employed to make the trading plan strong. The principles of Risk management are employed to minimize the risks or losses. The Stop Loss can be used as a tool to apply risk management. The risk reward ratio can be set up by deciding the proper stop loss in every trade the trader place. The Stop loss prevents the trader from incurring heavy loss and it gets triggered when the price moves in the opposite direction then what is expected. The probabilistic distribution can further aid in employing the risk management.
The wealth management can be employed by the proper allocation of the wealth in various investment options. The ultimate aim of every trader and investor is to multiply the wealth which is also the aim of wealth management. The diversification of portfolio is a technique which is used in the wealth management.
Thus by applying wealth and risk management one can devise a strategy which will lead the trader in an overall profit situation. The technical analysis can be made as the basis of the strategy and risk and wealth management will fine tune the overall trading plan.

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