Friday, 15 January 2016

Top Money Mantras from Investment Gurus-Money Classic Research

Stock market is a lucrative Avenue for many traders. But the experience and knowledge counts very much in the Success of the traders. In this article we will discuss the top money mantras and tips from the highly experienced Investment Gurus. Some of the tips shared by the highly knowledgeable and experience traders are discussed below:
Avoid Dirt Cheap Stocks
It is advised to the traders and Investors that they should not invest in very cheap stocks. The reason being the cheap stocks don’t have good fundamentals and they can fall drastically. Thus a investor can lose all his investment if things go wrong in case of cheap stocks. Instead the trader should try to analyze the fundamentals before investing in any stock. The trader should maintain proper tradeoff between the price of the stocks and its fundamentals. It is wise to invest in a Stock which is fundamentally strong with high price than the stocks which are fundamentally weak but are cheap.
Staggered approach of Buying
The traders should try to adopt a staggered approach for trading. That is they should buy stocks at regular intervals. Buying stocks at regular intervals will lead to a Strong long term portfolio to the investor which will benefit him in a long term.
The Focus Should be on Stocks and not on Sectors
Another approach which is stressed upon by the experienced traders is that they should try to focus on the individual Stocks rather than the whole sector. The individual stocks are capable of providing the higher returns that the overall bench marks.

The above are the some tips from the experienced investors. The trader can take the help of reputed advisory firms like Money Classicresearch to get accurate stock market tips. The advisory firms are in the business of providing equity tips and intraday trading tips.

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