Monday, 15 February 2016

Trend Based Trading in Stock Market- Money Classic Research

Traders follow distinct methods to trade in stock and commodity market. Traders use technical analysis for effective trading. Some also use statistical and fundamental methods. Beginners extensively use trend based trading. A strong trend is followed in this approach. Trend can be up trend, down trend, and flat trend. Traders and advisors suggest to take buy position in uptrend while, in case of down trend the direction is downwards and is presumed to continue in the original direction. In case of downward trend sell call is initiated. The buy low and sell high concept is followed in trend based technique. In trend-based technique, many factors are responsible for the continuation of trend. News among the people trading and some sentiments are responsible for trends. Thus, trends are trustworthy and reliable. Trend based trading can be pursued for a longer time. Traders are instructed to always trade with the trend, never practice against the trend. Trend is trader friendly.
Notion of trailing stop loss is vital in trend based trading. Traders minimize risks in order to gain profit by using trailing stop loss. The levels of the stop loss are moved higher with an uptrend after the execution of the buy trade in case of stop loss trailing. In case of a sell trade the stop loss levels are moved down with the prices in the downtrend. To get Maximum out of trend, trailing stop loss is an efficient and effective method.

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