Thursday, 4 February 2016

Answers to Important Questions Pertaining to Stock Market-Money Classic Research

Stock market is a place where the different stocks can be bought and sold. The stocks of all the major companies are listed on the Exchange. The BSE and NSE are the major exchanges of India. BSE stands for Bombay Stock Exchange and NSE stands for National Stock Exchange. The stock prices on the exchange continuously fluctuate and the trader can take the advantage of the phenomenon. The trader can buy at a lower price and can sell at a higher price to incur definite profits.
Share price is influenced by large number of factors. These are
·         The financial performance as well as the prospects of the company.
·         The performance and prospects for the industry in which the company operates.
·         Political, economic, financial and other stock market conditions, particularly where the company operates or is listed.
What are the Services offered by Stock Broker?
There are three types of service offered by stockbroker, the discretionary form of services, the advisory related services and the execution only services
What are the costs of buying and selling shares?
The costs will depend on the type of services you opt for and the broker you are using. For execution only service you will have two costs to take into account.
·         SRDT(stamp duty reserve tax)
·         TM Levy
How are share prices displayed?
The share prices are quoted with a “two way price” which includes a bid and offer spread, which is the price that you can buy and the price and you can sell (bid) the particular share. This price gets updated constantly throughout the market opening hours which for UK shares are 8.00 to 16.30. One can throughout buy and sell London Stock exchange in between 8.00 to 16.30 Monday to Friday.
For the new trader it is advisable that he should take sufficient knowledge about the share market first and only then should start trading putting in the real investment. The new traders can take the help of the advisory firms for the stock market tips. These financial advisory firms provide accurate equity tips and intraday trading tips in the form of buy and sell calls along with proper stop loss levels.

Money Classic Research is one such reputed advisory firm which is SEBI registered and also ISO certified. The company is having its head office in Indore, MP. The company is satisfactorily srving its clients for many years now.

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