Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Dwelling Deep in to Indian Stock Market-Money Classic Research

Indian Economy is fastest growing economy in the world.  Indian stock market plays major role in the economy of the country. There are 24 stock exchanges in the country. BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National stock exchange) are the largest and most popular stock exchanges of India. There are more than 5788 Companies listed in BSE and more than 1659 companies listed in NSE. Mumbai is head quarter of both the stock exchanges. The (SEBI) securities and exchange board of India, is regulator for the securities market of India. Security Market is governed under the SEBI Act. 1992. Each of these stock exchanges has an index that indicates the price moment of group of selected stocks that represents various sectors. Sensex is an index of BSE and Nifty is of NSE. The Sensex and Nifty are generally used as yardsticks to measure the overall sentiments of the stock market.
The national stock exchange has monopoly in the equity derivatives market and it ranks very high in global ranking for the number of contracts traded. The daily turnover in the derivatives segment is around $30 billion around 70% of trending volume is done by top 100 brokers.
The traders can trade in the Indian Stock Market and can also invest for long term. The people who are new to the Stock Market business should take certain advice from the financial advisory firms. Money ClassicResearch is one such reputed advisory firm which is based in Indore. The advisory firm is SEBI registered and also ISO certified. They provide accurate Stock market tips in form of equity tips and intraday trading tips with proper stop loss.

The principles of risk management and wealth management should always be employed while deciding a proper trading plan. The traders are also advised to learn technical analysis before start trading in Indian Stock market.

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