Friday, 28 July 2017

How to Use Chaikin Oscillator Effectively?

Each one of us must have absolute knowledge about what we are stepping into. However, in case of trading, it is different as trading is a vast subject so you cannot have the entire knowledge of the subject. Trading is said to be simple, but not easy, thus while trading in stocks you need to be attentive as you may lose all your money that you have invested. However, in order to get high returns, you must be capable of generating accurate trading tips. There are various technical indicators, oscillators and trading strategies that help you in producing accurate buying and selling signals of the stocks.

It is not easy to understand each type of technical indicators to analyze the market, but you must have the knowledge about few easy-to-use technical indicators.

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Chaikin Oscillator is one of the frequently used oscillators by the technical analysts, which is named after its developer. Marc Chaikin developed this oscillator that is deployed to measure the accumulation and distribution line of the moving average convergence divergence. The technical analysts calculate the Chaikin Oscillator by subtracting the exponential moving average of the accumulation/distribution line of 10 days from EMA of 3 days.

However, you must also analyze the market fundamentals, as both the technical analysis and fundamental analysis are required to succeed in trading. The fundamental analysts ensures to study the business performance to gather information about the future direction of stock prices. The experts believe that the more you have the updated information, more you have the ability to predict the market precisely. On the other hand, technical analysts believe that all known information has already priced into the market. Thus, it creates new patterns, which helps you in predicting the movement of stock prices and the future of market. The Chaikin oscillator is used by the technical analysts to find directional trends in momentum.

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