Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Trade Nifty Futures With The Risk Management Tools

Nifty Futures

The ‘Nifty futures’ has a very special place in the Indian derivatives market. The nifty futures are highly liquid contracts thus it is the most widely traded trading segment. A trader can easily trade in nifty futures if traded in the right way. A trader needs to clear the concept related to market and understand the trading tools which can be utilised in trading for being a successful active trader. Risk management is an important part of the trading. If proper risk management is not employed then a trader can lose all his money in just one or two bad trades.

Order tools are best tools to manage your trading risk. Some risk management tools are as follows-

Stop Loss- stop loss is a significant risk management tool which is mandatorily used in each and every trading. No one should trade nifty futures without positioning stop loss. Trader sets the maximum amount that he is willing to lose on a certain trade when the price reached the trade is automatically executed.

Limit Order- a limit order is used to place in the profit if the market fluctuates favourably. The price is set the price in advance at which it is wanted to close the position and once that profit point is reached, the trade is executed.

Entry Limit- traders place entry limit orders to enter the market at a more favourable price than the current price. Market price is expected to be the bounce back after it reaches the level at which the entry limit order was placed.

Entry Stop- traders place exit limit to enter the market at a less favourable price than the current price. A buy entry stop order is placed above the current market price whereas a sell entry stop order is placed below the current market price.

You can also make a huge return from a market with the help of risk management. Risk management helps you to minimise your risk of loss as well as maximise your profit. You can also avoid sudden adverse fluctuations of the market with risk-management tools. You can also take help from experts to take the best output from your nifty futures trading.

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