Wednesday, 2 September 2015

5 Golden Rules of Investing In Stock Market

5 Golden Rules of Investing In Stock Market - Money Classic Blog
Trading in the stock market is not as difficult as it seems to be. The trader or the investor who wants to earn good profit from the stock market must follow some rules to avoid the risks aspect involved in the share market trading. Some of the important rules that the stock market traders can follow to improve their chances of earning good profits while trading are:

1) Acquiring Proper Knowledge:
Before starting trading the trader must acquire good knowledge about how market works, what are the terminologies and concepts as well as the strategies required to trade effectively in the markets. 

2) Trading With The Help of Stop Loss:
The trader is advised to trade with the help of stop loss. The stop loss prevents the trader to lose big money. When the trade goes in the direction opposite to expected the stop loss gets triggered and it gives a limited loss to the trader.

3) Trading With Proper Strategy:
The trader is expected to follow some strategy while trading in the market. The trader should not directly jump in to the market and trade randomly without any strategy. The trader can follow some strategy like gap strategy, pair study etc and should try to gain mastery over the strategy.

4) Paper Trade First:
If the trader is following some strategy he should first paper trade and practice the strategy. In paper trading the trader buy and sell without directly investing the money. Thus the strategy can be mastered and can be judged by paper trading.

5) Keeping Emotions in Control:
The trader should keep his calm and should keep his emotions in control even if the trade goes in the opposite direction. The trader should take proper decisions calmly and with discretion even if the trade is not fruitful.


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