Friday, 11 September 2015

An efficient Way of Trading in Stock Market

An efficient Way of Trading in Stock Market - Money Classic Blog
There are many ways to trade in the stock markets. Some trade on the basis of technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Other traders base their trade on News. Also some traders follow some of the strategies and trade based on these strategies. For the beginners and in some cases experienced traders also rely on the advice from the stock market advisory firms. These advisory firms give stock market tips in the form of buy and sell signals.

Out of the various strategies followed by the traders, the spread technique is among the favorites for many traders. In the spread technique firstly two stocks are selected having similar price response and have almost same price fluctuations. Now one of the stocks selected is shorted and other is longed. Thus based on the price movements, if the market goes up one of the stock will be in profit and other will be in loss. The profit in one stock is compensated with the loss in other stock. If the price of the stocks goes down or markets goes down, then also one of the stocks will make profit and other will make a loss. In this case also the profit and loss in both the stock will compensate each other. When the market continues to move in the same direction as it was originally there, the profits will be incurred in one of the stock and the trader will make an overall profits. The spread technique can also be applied on two stocks in different exchanges. Such type of trading spread is termed as inter-exchange spreads.

Thus the trader can follow the spread strategy or any other strategy to gain good profits in the markets. But the trader should firs master the technique, should paper trade and then only try to invest with the real money.

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