Monday, 21 September 2015

Huge Profit In Stock Market But How?

Huge Profit In Stock Market But How - Money Classic Blog
There are many ways of trading in the stock market and equity market. But the question is that which technique is the most efficient way of trading. The answer is that the most efficient technique of trading depends on the type of trader. It also depends on his experience and his level of expertise. The different ways of trading are:

1) Trading Based On Technical Analysis.
2) Trading Based On Personal Strategy.
3) Trading Based On News.
4) Trading Based On Stock Market Advisory.

Trading based on technical analysis is the method used by majority of traders. In technical analysis the graphs of various stocks and their price movements are drawn. The time scale of these charts can be different and based on different time scales. Technical analysis is a whole in-depth field which is difficult to master. It takes lots of time and effort to master technical analysis. Besides technical analysis the trader can use his own strategy to trade. The trader is advised to paper trade and practice the trading strategy thoroughly. Bu paper trading a trader develops the confidence and also determines the success rate of the strategy. Thus the trader can then use the principles of money management and risk management to incur overall profits. A proper planning is very important in this case. Trading based on news is also an important way of trading for many traders. The news has a positive and negative impact on the price levels of various stocks and also of complete market. The important thing in news based trading is that the news should be timely and latest. Delayed news is of no use to the traders.

If the trader is novice and don’t has sufficient expertise to trade with the above mentioned ways of trading, he can take help of advisory firms. These advisory firms provide accurate stock market tips to their clients.

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