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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

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The way how to trade in Stock Market

The way how to trade in Stock Market - Money Classic Blog
Trading in stock market is an art. It takes time to master the art. Some of the different ways of trading in the stock markets are:

1) Short Term Trading.
2) Intraday Trading.
3) Long Term Trading.

Short Term Trading: In short term trading the period of trading is more than a day and it ranges from few days to few weeks. In short term trading the trader can trade in the cash, Futures and options segments. The profits in the short term trading are more than intraday trading. Also the brokerage charge for short term trading is more than intraday trading. The people use various strategies like technical analysis to trade in the short term trading. Also many people trade on the basis of News based trading.

Intraday Trading: In intraday trading the period of trading is one day. That is the trader buys and sells the stocks on the same day. The brokerage charges of intraday trading are very less as compared to delivery based trading. The trader can use technical analysis to trade in the intraday markets. Also the trader can use news based trading. Most of the traders who do intraday trading follow some intraday strategy to trade in the intraday markets. Some trader follows the strategy like Gap strategy, breakout strategy and spread techniques of trading.

Long Term Trading: In long term trading the trader trades with the view of long term investments. The period of long term trading ranges from few years to many years. The people do long term investments in the markets based on the fundamental analysis.

While trading in the above fashions the trader can take the help of advisory firms. These advisory firms provide accurate stock market tips so that the trader can trade beneficially. These stock market tips are in the form of buy and sell signals with proper stop loss levels.


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