Saturday, 26 September 2015

Is Intraday Trading in Equity Markets Beneficial?

Is Intraday Trading in Equity Markets Beneficial-Money Classic Blog
The trader can trade in the Stock and Equity markets in a variety of ways. The trader can trade in the intraday fashion, Short term trading or long term trading. In Intraday trading the trader buy and sells the stocks and the commodities on the same day. The movement in the price levels in the day will decide the profit and the loss incurred. In Intraday trading there are high risks involved in trading. The market can fluctuate in the opposite direction and the trader can incur heavy loss. The benefit of intraday trading is that the trader get high margin amount to trade. Thus without much investment the trader can earn good profits. But in this case the chances of risks are same. In short term trading, the trader trades for more than one day to few weeks. The profits in the case of short term trading are more than Intraday Trading. The price movements add up due to market fluctuations and an added profit or loss is incurred. In short term trading the brokerage charges charged by the brokerage firm is very high as compared to the intraday trading. Many traders prefer to do the short term trading as compared to the intraday trading. In a long term trading scheme the trader trades for a long term. The period of investments ranges from few years to many years. The basis of this type of investments is the strong fundamentals of the companies. The fundamental analysis is one of the most important factors in deciding the company in which the long term investment is to be done.

In whatever fashion the trader trades, he can take the help of advisory firms which provide accurate stock market tips. These advisory firms have expert technical analysts, who on the basis of their in depth knowledge generate accurate stock market tips in the form of buy and sell signals with proper Stop Loss.

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