Saturday, 12 September 2015

Strategies to trade in the financial instruments

Strategies to trade in the financial instruments - Money Classic Blog
One can trade on more than one financial instrument in the stock market. The options available to trader are to trade in Cash, Futures and Options. In Nifty Cash segment the trader buys and sells the equity shares at the current market prices. There are option of Intraday Trading, Short Term Trading and Long term trading in this case. In case of Futures, the future contracts are bought and sold. That is a contract of buying and selling at a future price. The other financial instruments are Options. In the options trading there are call trade and put trade. The call is similar to buy trade and put is similar to sell trade. Thus if the market goes up call trade is beneficial and put trade is beneficial if the market or the prices go down.

For trading in the financial instruments like futures and options one must not directly jump in to the market without having sufficient knowledge about these financial instruments. They must first acquire a good know how about these instruments and also how these work and what are the common tactics and strategies to trade in these financial instruments.

If the trader finds it comfortable they can take the help some reputed advisory firm for their support over these financial instruments. These advisory firms have financial analysts having in depth knowledge about instruments like cash, option and futures. Also these analysts perform technical analysis to forecast the price movements in these instruments. They provide accurate stock market tips to the traders to help them incur good profits.

The trader can do a research and can devise some strategy to work in these markets. Some of the common strategies followed in the intraday markets are pair strategy, gap strategy, break our strategy and spread strategy. There are other strategies also available for trading.

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