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Friday, 27 November 2015

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Different ways to trade in the Stock Market

Many people move towards the stock market to get good wealth. The different traders follow different ways to trade effectively in the stock market. The choice of way to trade depends on the trader’s personal choice, his experience and his type of trading. The different trading styles available are intraday trading, Short term trading and long term trading. The trader can trade in the following ways:
1)      Trader can trade on the basis of trend strategy
2)      Trader can trade on the basis of Technical Indicators
3)      The trader can trade on the basis of latest News
4)      The trader can trade on the basis of Candle Stick Patterns
5)       The trader can trade on the basis of Self devised Strategy

The simplest strategy for the beginner is to follow trend based trading. In trend based trading the current trend of the market is identified and then the positions are taken based on the type of trend. If an uptrend is there the buy call is placed and if the down trend is identified the sell trade is placed. The trader can trade on the basis of technical indicators also. There are more than dozen of technical indicators studied in the technical analysis. One can use more than one indicator simultaneously to find the confirmatory signals while trading. Some traders also trade on the basis of latest news. The news has a major impact on the price movements in the financial market. The important thing in the News based trading is to find a source of news which provides news at a proper time. Beside the above mentioned methods some traders also use the Candle stick patterns to anticipate the price movements. Some traders also use the self devised technique and strategy to trade effectively in the stock market. Some traders also take the advice from the advisory firm like Money Classic Research which provide accurate stock market tips in the form of buy and sell signal.


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