Thursday, 19 November 2015

How Should a Beginner approach Stock Market

How Should a Beginner approach Stock Market
Different people adopt different ways to trade in the stock market. Trend based trading is a way which is adopted by the newbie traders. In the trend based trading the current trend of the market is identified and trade is placed based on the current trend. Thus if an uptrend is identified the buy trade is initiated and if a down trend is identified a sell trade is initiated. The trade is initiated with a view that the trend will continue more. The probability of trend continuing is more than that of trend reversal. There are only three types of trends, the uptrend, the down trend and the flat trend. The uptrend is considered to be a bullish market. The down trend is considered a Bearish market. The flat trend is considered a sideways market. Different strategies can be based on the trend following techniques. The advisory firms like money classic research provide accurate stock market tips based on the above strategies. The technical analysis is also related to trend based strategy and momentum of the prices. There is no strategy which is 100 percent correct but using some good strategy a higher level of accuracy can be achieved and one can end up in gaining profit.

There are equal chances of profit and loss in the stock trading. Thus it is only the good strategy which will increase the chances of the winning trade. The principles of Risk management and Wealth management are very useful in making a good trading plan. Risk management involves minimizing the risks and wealth management involves the efficient distribution of the wealth. The Risk management can be exercised using stop loss tool. The stop loss prevent the trader from incurring heavy loss. When the trade goes in the opposite direction the stop loss gets triggered and the trade is exited. The levels of stop loss are important for trading. The levels of stop loss should not be too small nor should they be too big. The appropriate stop loss levels will lead to the profitable trades and an overall profit. The principles of wealth management can be exercised using a proper distribution and diversification of the wealth.

The advisory firms like Money Classic Research provide adequate stock market tips with proper stop loss. The advisory firms have various technical analysts who on the basis of their in-depth knowledge provide accurate calls and tips.

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