Thursday, 5 November 2015

Whether One Should Trade on the Basis of Predictions of Researchers

Whether One Should Trade on the Basis of Predictions of Researchers
Trading in the stock market is an art. There are people who come to the stock market to grow their wealth. The sole aim of the people coming to stock market is to grow their investment and multiply their wealth. But there are always risks involved while trading in the Stock market. The market can move in any direction and it is very difficult to predict the correct direction I which the market will head. The Technical analysis can be used to predict the movement of the market. In technical analysis the charts of various stocks with their price movements are studied.

For a newbie trader the only option is to trade in the basis of the advice and support of the researchers in advisory firm. The researchers in the advisory firms have good experience in the financial market and they have mastered the art of Technical analysis. The technical analysts in the advisory firms do in-depth technical analysis and generate the buy and sell calls with proper stop loss.  Money Classic Research is one such advisory firm which provides adequate stock market tips in the form of Buy and Sell calls. Money Classic Research is an advisory firm which is very esteemed organization and also is very reputed. Also Money Classic Research is SEBI registered and ISO certified.

The answer to the question, that whether the traders should trade on the basis of predictions made by the researchers, depends on the expertise and knowledge of the researchers. Thus if a trader is taking advice from an advisory firm which is SEBI registered and reputed, there are high chances that the predictions will have a good accuracy rate. The technical analysts in the advisory firm use the fundamental and technical analysis along with the latest news tracking to arrive at the buy and sell calls.

The technical analysis is a field in which dozens of indicators are studied. The basic entities on which the technical analysis is based are price and volume. The indicators like moving averages, RSI and Bollinger bands are among the common ones used. The latest news about the national and international affairs also has a strong impact on the price movements. Thus one can trade on the basis of latest news also. If there is positive news about a stock the prices are going to rise. Similarly negative news will lead to fall in the prices of the stocks.

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