Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Equity: the most profitable Segment based on our Research

Equity: the most profitable Segment based on our Research
Different traders trade in different ways in stock market. There are options of various segments the traders can trade in. The traders or the investors can trade in Equity segment or can also trade in futures or options. By equity we mean that the stocks of various companies are bought and sold. In the equity there are further options of cash, options and futures. In cash segment the traders have to pay for the current prices of the stocks. In the future section the traders have to pay for the future prices of the entity. In the options the put or call are bought. The put trade gets benefitted if the market falls and the call is benefitted when the market rise.

Money Classic Research is advisory firms which provide accurate stock market tips. They provide equity tips on all the sections and segments. Money Classic Research is an advisory firm which is very reputed and has got a brand image of providing accurate calls to its clients. The advisory firm is SEBI Registered and also ISO certified. The Money Classic Research has an experience and history in providing accurate calls on all the segments. Based on the analysis the equity segment is the most profitable segment out of all the segments. The risk factor is Minimum in the equity sector and equity has provided maximum returns over the years. Thus for a trader who want to take minimum risks and acquire good profits the equity is the best choice to trade in.

The trader can trade in the Intraday trading, Short Term trading as well as long term trading styles. In case of Intraday trading the trader buys and sells the stocks of various companies on the same day. Thus the price fluctuation in the same day will decide the profit or the loss incurred in intraday trading. In the intraday trading style the brokerage charges are less and the risks are more. In case of short term trading the stocks are bought and are kept for more than one day. The short term trading is also known as swing trading. In the short term trading style the brokerage charges are high as compared to the intraday trading. The risk factor is however low in short term trading. The trader can also trade in the long term trading fashion in which there is minimum involvement of risk and investment is done with a long term view usually years.

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