Friday, 13 November 2015

Diwali celebration with trading in stock market

Diwali celebration with trading in stock market
With the coming of Diwali festival, people wish that a lot of wealth and joy come to them. Also people will need a lot of cash to celebrate the festival with complete joy and happiness. To get good wealth and profit the stock market is a good place to try the luck.

The stock market is a place where the stocks of all the major companies are listed with their current market price. The trader can buy and sell the stocks from these exchanges. The BSE and NSE are the major stock exchanges in India. BSE stands for Bombay Stock Exchange and NSE stands for National stock exchange. By buying the stocks the trader or the investor gets an ownership in the company. The higher the number of stocks one buys the more is the ownership in the company he gets. The prices of the stocks changes based on the principle of demand and supply. When the demand of the stocks of a particular company increases its price increases and when the demand decreases the price of the stock decreases. There are always fluctuations in the stock market. Due to this the trader or the investor can buy and sell the stocks at different prices. If the trade buy the stock at les price and sell at more prices he will incur a profit. On the other hand when the trader buy the stock at high price and sell at low price it will lead to a loss to the trader.

The trader can trade in the stock market in the intraday fashion, Short Term fashion and long term trading fashion. The intraday trading is the most risky and the long term trading is the least risky of all. The technical analysis is used for the intraday trading and the fundamental analysis is used for the long term trading. In fundamental analysis the fundamentals of the stocks are analyzed to find the stocks worth of investment. Various ratios and indicators are used to judge the performance of the stocks. The P/E ratio is one of the ratios which is found to judge the performance of the stocks.

The advisory firm like Money Classic Research provides adequate stock market tips for trading in the stock market. On Diwali several discounts are given to the clients, which the clients can avail. Thus the traders can take the help of advisory firms for their support and advice on the equity market.

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