Thursday, 26 November 2015

Stock Market (A common avenue to make wealth)

The stock market is a place where one can buy and sell stocks of various companies. The stocks of major companies are listed on the stock market. In India the BSE and NSE are the major exchanges. The BSE stands for Bombay Stock Exchange and NSE stands for National stock exchange. For the commodity market the MCX and NCDEX are the major exchanges in the India. MCX stands for Multi commodity exchange and NCDEX stands for National commodity and derivative exchange.
The stock market is an avenue where the traders can make lot of profit and can amass huge wealth. But there are possibilities of losses also in the stock market. The trader can incur heavy losses in the stock market. There are always the possibilities of losses in the stock market. There are 50-50 chances for the trader to make profit or loss in the stock market. The chances of the profitable trades can be increased if the trader follows a good strategy. However it is a fact that no strategy can be 100 percent correct and there is always loss associated with every strategy. The strategy which is having a more than 60-70 percent success rate can be considered as a good strategy. If the trader is getting 6-7 profitable trades out of every 10 trades the trader will incur an overall profit.
The trading plan with the help of risk management and wealth management is considered to minimize the risks to even greater extent. While risk management is to minimize the risks and wealth management is for the distribution of overall wealth in various investment options. The risk management can be employed by using tools like stop loss. The stop loss prevents the trader from incurring heavy loss. The stop loss gets triggered when the price move in opposite direction as expected.

For a trader who is new and is a beginner in the stock market the support and advice of the advisory firm can be taken. The advisory firms have expert technical analysts who on the basis of their in depth analysis provide accurate stock market tips in the form of buy and sell signal. Money Classic Research is one such advisory firm which provides accurate calls in the form of buy and sell signal with proper stop loss. The advisory firm is ISO and SEBI registered and has established a brand image in the field of stock advisory firm.

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