Saturday, 7 November 2015

Does Stock Market Makes you Richer?

Does Stock Market Makes you Richer
Different People approach stock market with a dream to get rich. But the question that still persists that whether stock market makes you richer. The answer is that the stock market makes a only small proportion of people rich. There are numerous cases when the traders or the investors have lost their wealth or hard earned money. There are high risks involved while trading in the stock market. There are equal opportunities of profit and loss while trading in the stock market. The luck plays a very important role in deciding whether the person will make good wealth out of the stock market or not. If a person is lucky he may end up in making good profit from the stock market. But there are instances and people where the traders and investors have lost all of their hard earned money. This is a typical situation in the market crash. In a market crash the market indices fall steeply and a lot of loss is incurred by the investors. The typical reasons of the market crash are the events having strong political importance. The events like the situations of war are the most prominent reason for the stock market crashes.

If a person however follows the proper plan for trading it can lead to minimal losses and good profits. If the trader is following a good strategy the chances of winning trades increases as compared to the chances of loss and the trader ends up incurring a good profits. The principles of Risk Management and Wealth management play a very important role in the ultimate aim of making good wealth from the stock market. The risk management tools like stop loss plays a very important role in trading with minimum risks. The stop loss prevents the trader from incurring heavy loss. The stop loss gets triggered when the trade goes in the opposite direction as expected and exits the trade by incurring a minimal loss. The levels of stop loss should not be too small and also should not be too large. The small stop loss will lead to unnecessary trigger of the stop loss by the inherent market fluctuation. The large stop loss will lead to a bigger loss in case of stop loss trigger.

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